expell the light, 60cm x 60cm,oil and led on canvas, artist's collection

The last series of paintings I did on the shapes of seeds and flowers, using ink led and pigments to give as much visibility as possible to the mouvement of my gesture. I gave a much more personal feel to this work by titles such as "My own sex" or “Expelling the light” as the theme of sexuality had been lingering for 9 years but untill that exhibition I hadn’t dared express it in words. More light, more white, more space, the shape of the seed, of the eye, of the female genital organ is slowly escaping me, it will be the last work on the subject.   
Open seed series
Open crack, 2006, ink and pigment on canvas, 50cm x 50cm, private collection
Flying crack, 2006, ink and pigment on canvas, 90cm x 30cm, private collection

Edinburgh Scotland
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