Paroles de Salagou is an artistic project that started in september 2009 at the lake Salagou in the area of Montpellier France, and finished in april 2010 with an exhibition in Lodève (France).    

The work was financed by the council of the area (Syndicat Mixte) and created by Charlotte, Périne, Sophia Burns and Aude. Four women coming from  3 different artistic backgrounds in theatre, visual art and environmental landscaping. 

The project had been initiated  to celebrate the 40th anniversary since the lake  was created in 1968 and give an insight to what the people had experienced during those years when their homes and land had been transformed forever. 

The artistic project Paroles de Salagou is a 60minute audio recording, based on the hundreds of hours testimonies and recordings of the inhabitant's of the 6 villages surrounding the lake, drawings made during the 2 weeks of recordings in the surrounding villages, and finally a visual environmental lanscape study from 1968 to 2030 offering an insight on the possible transformations of the lake.


Aspen, Mourèze, ink on paper, 30cmx40cm
Brenas, cimetière, 60cmx40cm, ink on paper
Brenas, entrance, ink on paper, 60cmx40cm
Brenas, Xavier, 40cmx30cm, ink on paper
celles - la croix et la caravane
Celles - nous et le lac
celles - ruines danger
celles - vue sur le lac
Celles, ink on paper, 20cm x 30cm
Laure, ink on paper, 20cm x 30cm
Le village de Mourèze, ink on paper, 40cmx30cm
Liausson - Mme Montagne
Liausson Mairie, Ink on paper, 60cm x 40cm
liausson, couple, 2009
Myriam, Mourèze, ink on paper, 60cmx40cm
octon - le jardin de georgette
Octon - Sergio
salasc - entrée du village
salasc - entrée du village page gauche couleur
The fountain in Salasc, 30.5x40.5cm, mixed media on paper

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