Art statement

The common thread underlying my recent work is an original abstract approach to subject painting that involves overlapping continuous-line drawings on abstract backgrounds, using oil glazing techniques.   The atmospheric paintings that result from the process show bodies, architecture and landscapes merge with the colourful and dynamic space of the canvas. My aim over the past 2 years  has been to maintain the freshness and purity of abstraction with the looseness and sharpness of continuous-line drawings to create dream-like visions of architecture & figure.

While painting, my perpetual aim is to contrast the image, to look for the areas of rupture, to make it work despite the odds, as I deliberately create disruptive areas. Challenge of the abstract and of the purity of each new composition, reformulating another visual possibility in the compound of the canvas. My outlook on painting could be seen as formal, the content in itself is about the image and what it produces visually, like the chromatic and shape distortion effect it can have on one's perception.  There is no real intent to guide the spectator through a special reading, although the subject of the line drawings makes it easier. But in the making, I experience painting as a visual game,  an exploratory field where as with sound, I can offer a visual possibility where one experiments a new sense of space, through the uses of shapes, lines and colors.

Edinburgh Scotland
Tel: +44 (0) 785 395 0384