The dream of Fernand Besnier
Octon - Café de la Place - 2007

Fernand Besnier, oil on canvas, 40cm x 30cm, private collection

In 2007, the village of Octon organised a festival called the Printemps de Bouses.

A few artists decided to use the life story of an umbrella repair man, from the area, who died in 1932, during a snowy cold evening on the road from Salasc to Octon.

At the time traders like Fernand Besnier would travel from village to village, asking for what we would call today a "visa", in order for them to stay and work for short times in the village.

A charity based association concerned with the history of the Salagou area, APPO, recovered a passport visa book that we as artists chose to use as the subject of our art work. 

My art piece was made from Fernand's portrait, there was a photo of him in the famous book, in addition to 70 little oil based paintings of umbrellas. The piece was named : The dream of Fernand Besnier. 

During the event people could buy a painted umbrella and the installation of paintings was continuously evolving till there were only one or two left on the wall. 

Parapluies 10cm x 10cm, oil on canvas
Parapluies 10cm x 10cm, oil on canvas
Parapluies 10cm x 10cm, oil on canvas

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