My  latest work on Edinburgh at Amber Arts, march-may 2012,  a selection of ink line drawings & oil paintings a personal visual exploration of the scottish capital. 
"To prepare an exhibition about Edinburgh  is a visual treat, the town merges history & contemporaneity,  nature & architecture, sea & land (...) While preparing this exhibition I realised Edinburgh has many views from which one can admire & contemplate her. Peaks to climb on,  like Arthurs Seat or Calton Hill, steps in secret pathways like Jacob's ladder, or the cemeteries and parks that give us exceptional panoramas on the "windy city".  She has definitely charmed me and this exhibition at Amber Arts shows the first results of my personal visual take on her."

This show will be visible at the Galerie Tremel in France from 29th of June to the 15th of July 2012

 Link to Drawings  for exhibition 

Carlton Burial Ground, Edinburgh 116x89cm oil & mixed media on linen canvas - ref-PL100
From Jacobs ladder, Edinburgh 116x89cm oil & mixed media on linen canvas - refPL101
Holyrood Gaze 40x80cm oil & mixed media on canvas - ref_PL102
Holyrood line 100x73cm oil & mixed media on linen canvas - refPL103

Edinburgh Scotland
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