From drawing to digital rendering
2013 was a year of exploration, I started transforming my drawings into digital works by using softwares such as Photoshop & Resolume, I've been exploring ways of animating & expanding my visual world, here are some of the images in preparation for animations that will be synced on sound tracks from various sound makers I've been meeting in the last couple of years. The work is still in progress will be slowly updating the motion work on Vimeo & Youtube
Cosmic Jump, 2013
Cosmic Seeds, 2013
Dragon Fly, 2013
Rainbow Surfer, 2013
In construction - Will soon be updating with recent works in animations & projections........:) 2013 has  been a busy year in transformation discovery & excitement, I will be soon creating another website with videos & the meantime here are some images of the recent adventures 
Videos & animations
You can click on this link to Vimeo -  Ferness 2013  - a first attempt at creating a compilation of visuals made for a sound & visual event in Scotland

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