Galleries & Art spaces

Siott Gallery - UK

Arundel Art Room  - UK

Galerie Daniel Besseiche Courchevel -  France

The Arts Complex - Edinburgh

Doun - France

Artist friends

Christian Barré my friend in Québec....great work, fantactic ideas, videos, photos

Cecile Soupama a french artist who was at the art school in Aix-en-Provence with me....tons of abstractions!

Corinne de Battista painting people's stories

 Ariadne Breton a teacher then a friend living in Marseille travelling around the world to take amazing black and white photos

Xavier Moreno....a prolific and adventurous spanish painter living in the south of France

Jessica Kirkpatrick a favorite discovered on internet and now in the same art centre as me....:)

Les arts oseurs  the caravan project


Music for painting
Hooker Barbie a fantastic lady DJ from Dundee, her tunes are what you want to listen to for some good energy!
My fathers
Julien Blaine  my father in art and heart, and my mentor for many years, poetry and performance

Edinburgh Scotland
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